What comes to mind when most people think of Real Estate Professionals?  Root canals?...Scummy sales people?...Dirty dishes?...Carp?...Chopped liver?  Yes, we know the comparisons.  So why would we enter a career knowing that such conceptions exist?  The truth is, we believe we have the best "job" in the world.   We are grateful to stand side by side with you as you make one of the biggest  decisions of your life.  We are grateful to have the  opportunity to help guide you through the process of moving on from your current home, or beginning your life at a new address.  We are grateful to be a resource, an ally, a high-five, a crying shoulder, a confidant and your representative.  We come from a place of empathy and understand the gravity of each decision made throughout this process.  We do not take any of this lightly.  If you are selling your home, we understand that you cannot move on with your life until we have done our job.  We also understand that until my job our done, you don’t fully have the ability to shop for your next home.  It is our responsibility as your broker to put honesty first, to help educate you on the current market so you have realistic expectations of price and time frames and to communicate with you each step of the way.  We believe that communication is the number one way to help navigate a stressful process in the most stress free manner possible.  You can expect to hear feedback from every showing and every open house.  We will present every offer in a manner that helps digest the numbers and terms so you can feel confident that you’ve made a sound decision when choosing your buyer.  

Once your home is under contract, We will be in contact on a weekly basis or any time new information becomes available that affects the sale.  If you ever have a question or concern, you’re always welcome to call, email or text, we love to help out!  As a buyer, you may not know the area all that well, or maybe you’ve spent your life here, but you’re not exactly sure what your “perfect” home looks like.  Maybe you like most aspects of a house, but aren’t sure if you’ll be able to make the changes needed to perfect it within your budget.  We'd love to help.  Not only do we have access to many resources to aid in your search, but we are also a licensed contractor and can provide guidance for your remodel or upgrade questions.  Many buyers see real estate brokers solely as a means of opening the lock box to see inside a house.  As stated above, we want to be a resource, an ally and your representative that negotiates the best deal possible, all while making sure you know and understand your rights as a buyer.  We want the home you choose to be a blessing for you and your family, not a financial burden.  We believe we have a duty to help hold you to your budget and will never push you to spend more or buy bigger just to get you into a home. When your home buying or selling process has come to a close, we truly hope you’ll feel that you’ve received the level of service and commitment that you deserve.  The greatest measure of our success is when you tell your friends and family about our services!

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